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Bankroll Management for Beginners

The single most important thing what you need for gambling is money. You can play every casino game in a play money mode but this is rather for test purposes than actual play. If you have ever experienced the feeling when you can lose something but can win even bigger, then you know what we are talking about.

The Reverse Martingale and the Paroli System

In this article we will show you two very similar betting strategies you can use to enhance your experience at the tables. Similarly to most betting strategies, these won't change your expected winnings, but they may allow you to enjoy the game the most.

Betting Strategies

Whether you play Blackjack, Slots, Roulette or basically any casino game, you can change the amount you bet on every single round. For example, in Blackjack you can risk $5 one hand and then $10 next hand, etc. Some gamblers vary their betsizes depending on their mood or if they feel like a lucky hand or spin is coming. But we know better: by strategically altering the amount you risk, you can make your casino experience even more fun and enjoyable.

The Tale of Variance

Once upon a time, there was a math teacher. He had a unique intention: not only he wanted his kids to learn the subject, but also understand how mathematics work. The most difficult part was definitely talking about infinity in mathematics and variance. But he found out a genius way to present the latter, and it didn’t even take him infinite time. His method has proven so successful during the years, yet so simple.
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