Bankroll Management for Beginners

The single most important thing what you need for gambling is money. You can play every casino game in a play money mode but this is rather for test purposes than actual play. If you have ever experienced the feeling when you can lose something but can win even bigger, then you know what we are talking about.

So you will need to deposit some money to play with. Think about how many times have you spent more than €100 on a Saturday night for drinks or other entertainment. Casinos should be considered as the same with an exemption that a Saturday night can only bring a negative sum to bank account while a lucky play at an online casino can fill up your wallet easily. But to maximize your experience, you have to have some rules.

Let's start with an expression what might be new to you, bankroll. Your bankroll is the sum of money you have in your casino accounts or separated for gambling.

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1st rule: consider your bankroll separately from your everyday money. Never gamble with money what you need to supply yourself!

Now that you know you have a bankroll you should learn how to manage it. Professional players tend to have different bankroll management strategies but all of them have some similarities. The best advise that we can give for beginners is to always start your session with separating your bankroll into 3 parts.

You just want to deposit some money and play a bit tonight? That's fine, but don't start with betting your whole bankroll on one round. Rather than that, play on a limit for which you have at least 50 rounds to bet with your initial deposit. This way you can ensure yourself a whole fun filled night, not just a 2 minutes quickie.

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If you are a really big fan of professional gambling, then you have to have a more complex bankroll management. It can be quite a challenge to find out the best strategy that suits you. But we can help you out for Roulette with our Labouchere Calculator which tells you how many bets you will need for the given progression.

For a mathematical explanation of why we need Bankroll Management, check out the Tale of Variance. If you want to learn more about advanced Bankroll Management techniques, check out our article on Kelly Criterion. If you want to place your bets cleverly take a look at Betting Strategies.

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