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Oscar's Grind strategy

Let's take a closer look at an all-time favourite positive progression used by professional gamblers all over the world called Oscar's Grind. This method does wonders in the short run, but does it have the same effectiveness in the long run?

The Martingale (Double-up Strategy)

You’ve probably heard about this. If so, you have seen graphs about it describing as a bulletproof system. You’ve been thinking about using it, or have already used in a casino game. But have you ever considered why everybody doesn't play like this?

The Labouchere System

We have already discussed the Martingale system in our previous article. As we pointed out, it is an easy-to-understand game but it has its limits. You can only win 1 Unit per progression and you have to risk too much of your bankroll in case of long losing streaks. But can we do something similar, something simple with which we can win more money while risking less? The answer is yes!

Roulette Strategy Basics

Roulette is probably the traditional casino game that all gamblers have to try at least once in their life. The origins of Roulette (meaning 'little wheel' in French) date back to the 18th century and has been the most popular gambling game ever since.
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