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How to Play Blackjack Like A Pro

Blackjack is a pretty fun casino game and one of the most popular ones besides poker.

Made even more famous by appearing in the successful James Bond movie franchise (although the titular character’s preference is actually baccarat), blackjack is adored by millions around the world who enjoy the thrill of the game. Hollywood stars love it as well – for example, Ben Affleck became so good at blackjack that he was banned from Hard Rock just because he won hands frequently.

Besides being plenty of fun, blackjack can help you earn more than a few bucks. Well, if you learn how to play like a pro. Many rookies make the mistake of playing blackjack in Vegas when they’re not ready. The game requires a lot of knowledge and patience as well as sticking to a few tips that will help you avoid going bankrupt in one night. 

Find a Good Blackjack Guide

In this golden age of internet, you can find great blackjack guides and tips on becoming a pro pretty easily. Take for example – it has a nice collection of tips and strategies that will help you master the card game. Once you’ve learned the basics, you should practice as much as you can before you can even consider yourself a pro. The amateur blackjack scene is booming so if you’re really interested in the game, you should have no problems finding a low-level tournament where you can test your skills against tougher opponents. Or, you know, you can just sign-up at an online casino and practice for free.

Pick the Right Table

Choosing the right table is highly important for blackjack players. Ideally, you should aim for a table with a minimum bet that doesn’t go over your budget and one where there are no other players at the same time. If you make the mistake of sitting at the wrong table (such as one for high rollers), you’ll find yourself in a tight financial spot before you know it.

If you’re in a land casino, always take a look at the rules for each table first, then make your decision.

Stay Calm and Don’t Drink!

Drinking and playing blackjack is a common mistake you should avoid. No matter how cool it looks in the movies, drinking while playing blackjack will only make you bring terrible decisions which will eat away your budget quickly. Go sober, sit at the table, stay relaxed and calm and play. If you happen to win big, you can celebrate with a few glasses of alcohol, but please drink responsibly.

Know When to Quit

Not knowing when you need to stand up and quit can burn away through your money pretty easily. If you’re so rash to follow your losses, you will end up losing even more. Blackjack can make you lose millions – if you’re not ready to accept your losses, you’re probably not ready for the casino as well.

Limit your bankroll and stick to it – it should make things easier.

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