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How gaming apps make you a better real world gambler

Gambling isn’t all about luck and random bets even though most people think this is true.

When it comes to real life, it’s a combination of skill and luck, so they aren’t completely wrong. Online games are actually random but we’re not talking about online gambling. We’re talking about real-world gambling where you can’t rely on Lady Luck.

On the other hand, it might be a good idea to start with online games because there are some that require a fair bit of knowledge and skill such as blackjack, poker, and similar card games. Even bingo requires some skill! So how exactly can gaming apps make you a better real world gambler? Well, it’s simple. When you use gaming apps, you’re basically at the mercy of the game itself. However, through playing, you learn certain things that you can use in real life.

So how does it work?

I can’t define the exact way it works but I can simplify it enough for you to understand the basics of it. For starters, you can play games that are related to gambling but without any money. This is so you can gain some experience for games that you’ll play afterward for real money. After all, preparation is everything and this type of knowledge will give you an edge. Next, come the smaller, more random games such as slots. Slots aren’t necessarily related to any skills since the end result is almost always random, but it still requires a certain dose of knowledge to win some money. Slots don’t give you a lot but they don’t take away a lot either so they’re a good ice-breaker.

After slots, you move up to bingo. Through bingo, you can win massive rewards but it might take some time until it finally starts to work out. It might be a good idea to play bingo on a specialized website. Fabulous bingo is an example of a website that specializes in bingo. Specialized websites are great because you can focus on one game and get better at that particular game, which is in this case bingo.

Finally, we come to card games. Now, card games come in two forms online. Playing with fake money or real money. When you play with fake money, you’re basically playing for experience and experience only. After you feel you’re ready, you can move up to playing with real money. There are apps that let you play with both real and fake money.

This list isn’t absolute and you can play whichever games you want, but it’s simply our conclusion that this is the best way to go.

Once you’re done with your online tourney of gambling games, you’ll be ready to play and gamble in real life, with a much higher success rate. Usually, online games are created in a way that you can step away whenever you want and come back later. Contrary to that, if you were to enter a mid-level poker tournament and decide that you want to give up, all of the money that you’ve put into your spot in the tournament stays with them. So don’t try to tackle real life gambling until you’re absolutely sure you have what it takes to have an advantage. In the end, both luck and skill are what brings you to glory and cash!

Last edited: 30/07/17

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