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Top 5 online casino games you'll find anywhere

All of us love to gamble sometimes, but we're all different in what games we like to play. Fortunately, online casinos have a wide selection of games to offer us with a huge variety of rules and visuals as well. What's your poison? Is it Bingo, Craps or Baccarat? In this article we will give you a quick introduction to the 5 most popular games you can play with our partners.

5) Video Poker

Video Poker screenshot

Similar to slots, video poker is played on a machine in brick-and-mortar casinos, and when played well they can have a very rewarding payout. In Video Poker you get dealt 5 cards and can discard any or all of them to get the best poker hand possible. Depending on the rules a pair of Tens or Jacks may already be enough to win, but on other machines Deuces may be wild cards or Sevens can be special cards with extra payouts. On top of all that if you feel like getting around luck a little bit, you can run 5, 10 or even 100 hands at the same time with different post-draw results so you definitely hit that gutshot straight you went for. If you like to play poker and have a good sense of what you should discard to get the best poker hand, video poker can be the most fun you had in quite a long while.

4) Scratch cards

Scratch cards screenshot

Scratch cards online? It is one of the newer games in the industry, and it's growing in popularity every day. Some of them work similarly to real-life scratch cards: You get a virtual coin or key (or your finger even, if you use a tablet or phone) to scratch the covered parts of the screen and get rewards depending on the layout of the grid, but there are tons that also resemble carnival games (e.g. you have to open Matryoshka dolls to find the statues inside) and some are virtual to the fullest extent imaginable. The variety of themes is also far and wide: You can find everything from replicas of paper-based scratches through to cartoons, adventures, and Zodiac signs to movies and television series'. Scratch cards are a fun way to relax with a traditional and popular offline game in an online setting, well worth trying out.

3) Roulette

Roulette screenshot

One of the oldest and most loved true gambling games with its very own setting and culture. It can be found at almost every offline and online casino and is a place for the highest bets you can imagine. If, for some very weird reason, you are not familiar with Roulette here is the gist of it: a ball is spun in a wheel full of numbers, and you can bet which number it will land on. You can also bet on its colour, parity, place on the layout, etc. Though there is not much strategy for placing your bets since the you can't influence or predict the outcome at all, you can play around with the amounts you bet, so if you want to keep your hard-earned winnings you can decide to bet small, while if you want to win big or go home, you can just go all-in. And of course, the suspense whulst the ball goes round and round, all the time you're wondering where exactly it will stop, is nothing short of dramatic. For more detailed winning strategies on Roulette, visit's very own Strategy Section.

2) Blackjack

Blackjack screenshot

Blackjack is the most popular card game that every gambler should try and play, because it's insanely fun and has quite a bit of strategy behind it. The rules are simple: You want to get a hand as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it (also known as busting). The dealer goes for the same with the same rules but having certain limits you don't have. The hand with the higher value wins. It's as easy as that. The most fun for us in Blackjack is the several different variations in rules you can play with: You may be allowed to surrender your hand before you're dealt any cards, get extra payouts for hands with at least 5 cards, get extra bonus if you get 21 by having 777 and so on. If you'd like to know more about Blackjack, take a look at our Blackjack Strategy Section.

1) Slots

Slots screenshot

If one talks about gambling the first thing that comes to everyone's minds is the rows of slot machines in the Vegas casinos. In online casinos the variety is even higher with the designers' creativity virtually unlimited and fascinating. You can find traditional slots as well, but the modern, animated, flashy and colourful machines give you a completely one-of-a-kind feel when you play them. Slots are very simple: You insert a coin, press a button to make the wheels spin and you get your reward depending on the formation you get when the wheels stop. There are 3 and 5-line slots the latter becoming more and more popular with 25 (or even 50) different patterns it looks for the matching symbols. There's a good reason for their popularity, they're super fun! Try them now and find it out yourself. We've gathered some exceptional winner slots strategies for you, learn more here.

Last edited: 13/08/17

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