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The Story of Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino game besides roulette nowadays, but only a few know that it hasn't always been like this. The popularity of Blackjack only dates back a couple of decades, and was actually made popular by a bunch of mathematicians from the MIT.

Mobile Gambling

We started to use our mobile devices for everything and our PCs are getting less and less important part in our life. Is online gambling an exemption? Or do casinos follow the everyday trends? The answer in not suprising.

Our new partners

Are you looking for a new playground, but you can't decide which online casino is safe and secure? We have four new trustworthy partners with great benefits.

Heartwarming promotions for Valentine’s

Are you planning to spend your Sunday at home and looking for some excitement? Or maybe you will need an hour of relaxing fun after a day-long romantic date? Either way you will find our article handy as the online casinos handed out some pretty awesome deals.

The best deals before Christmas

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, and our partners are even more generous than usual in December.
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